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Legend has it, Clynelish was once lashed by an epic blizzard. The storm’s chill put precious casks at risk of ruin until a mysterious feline creature silently appeared. Located in the bramble-filled woods of the Highlands, Clynelish is a distillery even more remote than most. It is also the natural habitat to the elusive Scottish wildcat. Few of these evanescent creatures remain, but the wildcat symbol is emblazoned on the Clyenlish distillery, guarding it for all time. Bright as a golden eye, this Clynelish shows a spicier side to its bright fruitiness and waxy texture. The rich liquid glows with complex aromas of fruit, herbs and deeper, scented oak spice. The smooth texture and rich, wine-sweet flavours snarl with pepper-spice after an extended secondary maturation in Pedro Ximenez/Oloroso casks. A single malt as rare and elusive as its mysterious guardian.

Liquid sunlight. Bright gold.


A very smooth, mouth-filling texture introduces a lively taste that is rich and wine-sweet overall, the palate well-balanced by snarling peppery, oaky spice. A little water enhances the sweetness, steers the smoothness of the texture towards waxiness and rounds the flavours, which soon give way again to spicy heat.

Quite long, chili-spiced, and appetisingly drying, with lingering pepper. A little water enhances the creamy- smooth texture and adds a little more spice.

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