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Centre City Wines & Spirits located on the same site as Levin & Co 2/4 Waring Taylor St .(Refer Picture)

Far right of the Levin & Co Building dressed up in 1954 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Royal Tour .
Photograph taken from the Custom House Quay being the Main Entrance .

The building accommodated the entire site from Customhouse Quay and part of what is today Maritime House

To include Waring Taylor st backing onto Featherston St. Then demolished in the 60's and replaced with what is still standing today . Europa House and later Geni - Tower now considered 109 Featherston st. 

Liquor trading appears to date at least from 1881 from the same site (refer copy of original Liquor License) and continued to the early 70's under the name of Levin & Co (although the company had merged into Wrightsons NMA in 196 ).

Verified by a employee from that era says we worked for them right up to the early 70's He pointed out the round outline of where the dart board used to be and the holes in the concrete wall where the Darts missed (Refer Picture). 

At some stage the store becameTasman Wines & Spirits. Later to be purchased by a Bill Wezell (ex Wanaka Wines & Spirits ) in early 1990's and renamed to Centre City Wines & Spirits. 
Dean & Rama are a third owners of Centre City Wines & Spirits purchased 2007

Proves they were never good at darts
Proves they were never good at darts


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