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The sweet white wines of Château des Arroucats are harvested late towards the end of October.

Manual harvest by successive sorts (5 passages). Everything is undertaken in the winemaking methods for optimum quality. From the mixture of the different grape varieties is extracted, by a gentle pneumatic pressing, a concentrated juice. This continues with a slow thermoregulated fermentation in vats. This fermentation ends when the desired sugar/alcohol balance is reached.

The residual sugar level makes this wine a real sweet. It is therefore much superior to the simple fluffy. This is all the more true since sugar is perceived here only through a perfectly mastered botrytis that gives the wine a beautiful complexity, enhanced by an acidity preserving all the freshness necessary for the best sweet wines.


80% Semillon - 20% Sauvignon


Amber reflections come to animate a golden dress. The expressive bouquet brings together all the notes of a great sweet wine with candied fruit, an exotic touch, citrus fruits and honey with a white flower. Already very seductive on the nose, the palate expresses itself on a remarkable balance between richness and freshness with a persistent aromatic return on notes of candied orange and beeswax. The very charming set leaves no doubt about its aging potential.

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