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“Perla Dry” Riserva Bicentenario

Alcohol strength: 40% alc.by vol.

Size: 700 ml – 750 ml

Shelf life: Indefinite

Description: 2021 is a very important date for Luxardo as it marks our

200th Anniversary. To celebrate the gratifying milestone of two centuries of

history, the company is now putting back on the market, in a strictly limited

edition, the most prestigious product in its range, Maraschino Perla Dry.

This Maraschino Luxardo Riserva Speciale was last produced in the distant

1970s. Maraschino Perla Dry has a high alcohol content (40% alc./vol.), a

considerably reduced sugar content (hence the term“dry”), and a marasca

cherry distillate base more than 50 years old.

Maraschino Perla Dry Luxardo is marketed in a limited quantity (4.999

numbered bottles) and can be recognized by a restyled original Liberty label

and a prestigious gift box, which recalls the customs of high society in

the late 19th century.


• Color: crystal clear

• Aroma: Kirsch eau-de-vie like with strong alcohol spirit (surprisingly so for

its abv) with roasted nuttiness and faint smoke.

• Taste: intense, thick and syrupy with sweetness partially offset by fruit

tartness. Very strong flavored – concentrated cherry juice and cherry jam

with black pepper spice.

Packaging: flask-shaped bottle in antique blue glass with 200 years logo

decoration in relief on the neck, hand-wrapped in straw and red capsule,

which recalls the first edition of the early 1900s. Liberty label. Eco-leather

single gift box containing a booklet on the history of the company and a

200th anniversary pin. Such giftbox comes in a protective casing of fabric

bearing the frieze of the 200 years.


GMO Free | Vegan friendly

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