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The ancient grape variety from Georgia, the historic birth place of wine, thrived in this wonderful growing season. We picked this late ripening grape variety during a stunning ‘Indian’ summer. The flesh of this dark-skinned grape is deep pink and it produces wines that command attention and at our tiny yield level, devotion. At such concentration, Saperavi with its natural high level of fruit sugar, tannin and acidity turns in a powerhouse like no other wine.

After a long extended skin contact over 21 days I let the must progress to a natural (wild yeast) fermentation. Then gently pressed and transferred into a new French Barriques (from exclusive Swiss oak) where it progressed to a natural malolactic fermentation. I left this powerhouse time to mature under perfect condition in the barrel hall for a long 30 months. No fining. No filtration. A natural wine built to last forever...


Tasting Notes


One less of only 300 bottles for this tasting notes… The gorgeous rich ruby colour is unsurpassed, enveloped in aromas of Mediterranean herbs and spices. The perfect balanced ripe tannins and juicy acidity is dominated by sweet fresh fruit. Think succulent blackberries. Multi-layered and well structured, elegant and silky this makes a very seductive (and addictive) wine with a long lingering finish. A wine to cherish!


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