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The Matsui Whiskies are a series of single malts from the Kurayoshi Distillery in Japan. They are aged in a variety of special casks. The Matsui are carefully crafted with heart and passion. They are brought to proof with high-quality natural spring water from Mt. Daisen then distilled, aged, and bottled in Kurayoshi city. Each of these whiskies is presented with a classic Japanese artwork on the label.

Matsui Mizunara Cask Whisky

A single malt whisky distilled in the rich, natural environment of Tottori and aged in Mizunara (Japanese oak)casks. A faintly sweet aroma tickles the nose. Malty flavors fill the mouth then disipate to a rich, lingering finish.The label artwork: Katsushika Hokusai’s masterpiece, “Thirty six views of mount Fuji”. In this classic artwork, the wondrous Mount Fuji is depicted with red-crowned cranes, native to Japan. We believe this iconic image matches the oriental taste of our Mizunara cask whisky. Along with a refreshing after taste, you can enjoy this classic image of Japan on our label.

Matsui Sakura Cask Whisky

A single malt whisky distilled in the rich, natural environment of Tottori and aged in Sakura (Japanese cherry wood)casks. The initial crisp, sweet aromas drift into malt and vanilla flavors then followed by a faint, lingering cherry blossom on the finish. The label artwork: Kikukawa Eizan’s “Beauty in the Cherry blossom Garden”. The artist has portrayed Japanese women of strength and grace in his ukiyo-e masterpiece, which we believe was a great fit for the sakura cask.

Matsui Peated Whisky

A single malt whisky made from Scottish peated malt, distilled in Tottori and aged in selected ex-Bourbon casks. Packing a potent peat punch, evokes a mellow, fruity sweetness, and a hale and hearty peaty finish. Aesthetically pleasing and delicious, this Matsui whisky is a work of art and a work of pride. The label artwork: Katsushika Hokusai’s “The great wave”. We feel the force and majesty of the waves in this Ukiyo-e artwork reflects the spirit of our peated offering.

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