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70 % of the fruit is whole bunch pressed while the rest is de-stemmed and crushed prior to being pressed. This is to increase the contact of the juice with the skin and uplift the aromas.


The grapes are carefully pressed, at an extraction rate of about 650L/t, to obtain a maximum of juice without getting the harsh flavours. The must is transferred into stainless steel tanks. 24hrs of cold settling allows a racking off the gross lees prior to the start of fermentation. During fermentation, the temperature is controlled between 12 - 15ºC to retain the freshness of the aromas. After fermentation, the wine is left on its fine lees for several months, allowing the wine to gain in concentration, complexity and finesse. At the end of winter, the wine is then prepared for bottling. This process includes protein stabilisation with Bentonite, cold stabilisation and final cross flow filtration.

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