tsantsa (sansha) n. The shrunken head of an enemy kept as a trophy; taken for blood honor and spiritual renewal.
The bottle looks like it came off an ancient Caribbean pirate ship with hand-tied hemp lacings to sew the eyes and mouth shut. Subtly intricate in detail, it respects the heritage and belief systems of a region, that captures the spirit of the Shuar and tastes the way it looks: complex and beautiful (but maybe not in the most accepted manner).
No tribe on earth knows the true meaning of nonconformity better than the Shuar. Living in the Amazon at the headwaters of the Marañón River, the Shuar are believed to be the only group to have never been conquered—and even after technology has connected the world beyond our wildest dreams—these people have held on to their traditions, including the custom of shrunken heads (tsantsa). Many believe that tsantsas were kept as trophies, taken for honor and spiritual renewal. Deadhead Rum captures the spirit of the Shuar in both aesthetics and spirit.
Deadhead Rum is born from a blend of pure sugarcane juice and rich molasses grown in privately-owned plantations located in Tapachula, Chiapas, a region known to produce some of the most outstanding rums in the world. Fermented and double-distilled in small batches, the rum is then aged in Chiapas and American oak barrels for six years. Once aged, the art of blending Deadhead begins.
Deadhead® Rum is rich and dark, it is saturated with the aromas of treacle, coffee, cola nut, chocolate, filbert, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, all of which carry through to the palate along with the flavors of leather, anise and caramel that all play in stupendous balance. The finish, lingers and slowly fades with elegant flavor restatements. This is an excellent sipping rum and Deadhead’s assertive aromatics and brilliant flavors make it a great choice for use in classic or Tiki cocktails. Critical acclaim and medals validate the positioning of DEADHEAD® Rum as one of the most compelling ultra-premium rum lines in the market.
- Gold Medal Taste, 2017 Craft Awards International Competition-
- Gold Medal Taste, 2015 Spirits International Prestige Awards-
- Platinum Medal Bottle Design, 2015 Spirits International Prestige Awards-
-RATED 95 POINTS, The Tasting Panel


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